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DO NOT HAND OUT YOUR NUMBER, EMAIL, KIK, WHATSAPP, etc immediately for your own safety
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Where Sperm Happens
Sperm Donors AI + Natural FREE Only UK LGBT + Hetro
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Sperm Donors and Absolutely FREE donation UK LGBT + Hetro friendly England Scotland Wales Ireland London, VivaSperm , find Free Donors or Genuine Rec...
GiftOfLife posted 5 days ago at 9:16 pm
Hiya im tony from sheffield, i have 3 children and 1 on the way, i am willing to donate free of charge
Scotties posted 5 days ago at 12:53 pm
Hi, SW London based... 33 year old... father of two already... willing to help as a donor

Seaman posted 6 days ago at 11:57 pm
Hej im here to make your dreams come true tell me when and where. Prefer pm.

James263 posted Oct 15 at 7:29 pm
Hi there. Staying at a Carlisle hotel for a few days. Happy to donate to any local recipients.

Fran121 posted Oct 14 at 11:30 pm
Hi I’m Fran
Very experienced donor with a lot of success if you want to know more please mess
Pea posted Oct 6 at 10:23 pm
I'd love to be able to have a convo with a donor that is happy to donate the way the recipient wants to
recent by Mark  ·  Oct 14 at 10:17 pm
Mark posted Oct 14 at 9:59 pm
New to all this,so any questions feel free to ask.

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