Trying for a baby terminology

Trying for a baby terminology, sperm donor slang and glossary.
Confused or haven’t the faintest idea what that medical term means? Look it up in our glossary for all words related to getting pregnant, pregnancy, AI and sperm donation (some humorous). Those in bold are more frequently used…

2WW – Two-week wait Luteal Phase – 10-19 (14 average) days after ovulation
500 yards – the distance you need to park your car away from recipient’s house
AF /Aunt Flo /decorators in/turned (North East England) – Menstrual cycle
AI – Artficial insemination
Baby Dust – sperm
Baby Dance – Sex
Beta – Blood test for PG
BFP – Big fat pregnancy/positive (BFN – Big Fat NO/negative!)
Binned - giving a recipient the heave ho because of lack of success
Bros before hoes – sperm donors looking out for each other
Bumper Harvest – Donating to lots of recipients in a short period of time and getting good results
CD – Cycle Day
CM – Cervical mucus
CP Cervical Position
Cum Bucket - recipient who uses more than one donor per cycle
Cycle Buddy – Same cycle day as yourself or Donor and Recipient in close non sexual relationship
Dancing around the egg – when you just miss ovulation often by just a day or 2
Devastating News - Miscarriage etc
Diblings– Donor Siblings
Don’t ruffle another man’s rhubarb – don’t steal a recipient from another donor
DP – Dancing Partner; spouse, or significant other
DPO – days past ovulation
DTD – did the deed
Delivery Man – proven donor
Donorsaur – a donor who is too old for recipient
EDD – Estimated Due Date
Egg Alert- when a woman is ovulating
EPO – Evening Primrose Oil
EWCM Egg-White Cervical Mucus
FP /SP -Fake profile / scam profile /sock puppet (controlled by someone else for malicious purposes) includes: men, woman, reporters etc
Failed Implantation-when swimmers have successfully met egg but cytoblast (embryo) hasn’t stuck in the womb (may lead to pregnancy symptoms during 2 week wait…following cycle might be affected by lower Progesterone)
Fast donation/slow donation-less donor abstaining (better day of ovulation)/ more donor abstaining (3-4 days better few days before ovulation)
FMU- First morning urine
Game of snap – working out which donors or recipients have multiple accounts/identities via photos, ip addresses etc
Ghosted – when a recipient or donor disappears without trace
HPT – Home pregnancy test (Pee stick or electronic)
HDK – Hubby doesn’t know / husband isn’t to know he wouldn’t agree (can also be used with Lesbian couples)
DHK? – Does husband/partner know?
Immaculate Conception – How Lesbians explain to their family how they are pregnant
Jaffa – seedless or low sperm count
Joy juice – sperm
Lambing Season – when lots of women/recipients are trying to conceive or giving birth at same time
LH surge – the hormonal surge that happens prior to ovulation, which indicates your body is gearing up to ovulate
Man milk – sperm
Munta – ugly woman you would rather not donate to
NI -Natural insemination
NS – no showed, refers to guy not turning up or not being able to produce on demand
NWE / not worth effort – often too old, erratic cycles, too risky, too far away, better offers etc
OMT- Off my turf / that’s my patch!
OPK- Ovulation predictor kit
OSA / one step ahead – the job of donors
POAS – pee on a stick (/ovulation/pregnancy test)….can become addictive!
PCOS – Polycystic ovarian syndrome
PD – proven donor
PDO – Predicted ovulation date
PG – Pregnant, preggers or pregnancy
PI -Pull-out insemination
Pimping her bloke – successful previous recipient who recommends service of donor to friends
Production/Procurement Room – room designated for donor to produce his donation
Proven Donor – a donor with success under his built (usually has good knowledge of ovulation, cycles, implantation etc)
PUPO -Pregnant until proved otherwise
Pump and dumper – guy who does disappearing act after getting confirmation of pregnancy (Sperm Jacker is the female equivalent)
Quigley – one donation, two BFPs!
RE Reproductive Endocronolgist – doctor who specializes in fertility problems (not to be confuse with fake doctors!)
Rilf – AI Recipient I’d like to f…
RM – Recon Mission – wasted donation due to bad ovulation timing/wrong date given by recipients
RSE / reached sticky end – produced semen
SA – Semen Analysis
Snow babies - left over embryos after successful fertility treatment (maybe for future use)
SoD – Sex on Demand
Spank bank – an man’s stored up collection of sexual memories that he recalls while producing for AI
SPEM – Sperm Meets Egg Plan
Sperm Cadet- a guy new to donating
Sperm Drain- a women who demands donations every day for 2 weeks to be sure… donor’s aprtner may act like tis if she suspects her partner is donating
Spermdroid – how you feel after donating every day for a week or more often to different women aka donor machine
Spermdumpster / sperm harvester / cocktail shaker – a woman who receives donations from multiple donors during ovulation ( often not tell any of the donors) ie sperm lottery, sperm roulette
Spermelicious – a desirable recipient aka spermworthy
Spermgolf – trying to get your donation straight into the jar, pot or jar
Spermjail – Refers to the period of time immediately following sex in which a woman may lay on her back with her legs up in the air to keep the sperm inside of her vagina in an attempt to facilitate reproduction.
Sperm Sandwich – Sperm Snack – Sperm Mega Burger – 2 donations per cycle – 1 donation – 3+ donations!
Spermission – when a woman picks up from the 100’s of offers she has received
Sperm Jerkers- the porn DVDs,or mags women think you need to achieve orgasm (from tear jerker movies to make you cry)
Sperm Digger – a woman just after your sperm like a gold digger!
Sperm Prostitute – a donor who donates to a clinic or who charges more than reasonable travel costs!
Sperm Sisters- Women who all have a child with the same mans sperm and support each other for the sake of the children.
Sperm Tourists- meeting in a hotel for donations often half way between where the recipients and donors live
Sperm Wasters- Woman who cancel appointment at last minute often with a lame excuse.
Swimmers – Good mobile sperm
TR Tubal (Vasectomy) Reversal (qualified with unsuccessful or successful)
TTC – Trying to conceive
TW – time waster
WTB / way too butch – usually when both Lesbian partners are too butch for donor’s liking
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