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Mick Jagger fathers 8th child at 73 years old, should donors have an age cut off point at which they will stop donating? * vote below and add your comments....*
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Sperm Donors: What would make you stop donating?
Reached your quota
Family and or Friend pressure
Being chased for child maintence payments or similar
Too much hassle, deceit or drama from recipients
High miscarriage, stillbirth, birth defect rate or simila
Change in your circumstances
Not going to stop unless saw dust comes out
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Ladies what would put you off receiving donations from a sperm donor?
Not matching yourself or your partner in looks.
Lack of chemistry/ not being on same wave length.
Excess travel costs.
Lack of understanding of ovulation.
Bad reputation.
Number of offspring.
Charging for sperm
Trying to change method from was requested/agreed
Sending unsolicited rude photos/messages
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Which of these potential changes do you think would be most helpful in making it easier for those wanting sperm donors to conceive?
Less demonisation of sperm donors in the media
Allow private donors to sign legally binding contracts with their recipients
Less drama and dodgy people on websites and groups
Restore anonymity for donors in clinics
Raise the maximum age at which men can donate in clinics
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Did or does whether your sperm donor smoke affect your choice of choosing your donor?
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Should pregnant women be tested for smoking?
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Recipients: Do you plan on having siblings?
Yes in next 12 months
In a couple of years time
I've/we've done our bit
Still looking to have my/our first baby
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